XOscope 1.8 Category: design
gs 31 August 2003; 17:25
Xoscope (or oscope) is a digital oscilloscope using input from a sound card and/or a ProbeScope/osziFOX. Features include 8 simultaneous signal displays, 1 us/div to 20 ms/div time scale, built-in and external math functions including inverse, sum, diff, avg, xy, and FFT, 23 memory buffers, 5 automatic measurements, and file save/load.

A standard GNU-style `./configure ; make' automated build process is now used. Samples are now collected in parallel to display refresh for audio and bitscope devices, which has enabled much longer sweep times. The memory buffers were increased to 256K to support such slow sweeps. Memories now store time zero to current display point, and file length is as long as longest memory. A new step display mode was added. Under GTK, the mouse cursors are now draggable: the left mouse button decreases and middle mouse button increases the variable pointed to. The right mouse button still pops up the context-sensitive menu. Basic limited bitscope data capture at a fixed sample rate is now possible. If a BitScope is identified, it is used exclusively, turning off sound and ProbeScope input devices. It connects BitScope Channel A, B and LA to X, Y and Z respectively.

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