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graham 30 September 2004; 07:16

TinyCAD is a schematic capture program for Windows.TinyCAD is a very old program. It was written in 1994/95 for Windows. For a long time it stagnated; now TinyCAD is back - and this time available under the LGPL.

TinyCAD has the following features:

  • Easy to create circuit diagrams using the supplied libraries
  • Draw your circuits and then paste them into Word or Print them
  • Create a Bill of Materials
  • Paste in bitmaps or drawings from other applications
  • Create your own libraries and component symbols easily
  • Check your design for unconnected nets and other mistakes
  • Create netlists for integration with other products
  • Full support for data buses, labels, power supplies
  • Full support for multiple parts per package
  • Print a thumb-view of libraries
  • All the normal Windows' features such as Print Preview, Multiple-level Undo/Redo, any select any font

Version 2.00.00 adds new facilities to the editing libraries, including multiple names per symbol and easy import and export of symbols from a library. Also included in this release is multiple sheet designs (much like Excel).

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